Elk Herd Grazing

Manage back pain

TMJ Treatment

Whiplash Treatment


In-house Physician

Focus on MVC injuries

Trigger point, Cortisone and Botox injections

IME examinations

Physio & Massage

Manual Therapy

Gunn IMS

Active Treatment Plans

Physical Rehabilitation

Deep Tissue Massage

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One Clinic. One Goal. One Location

MVC Specialists

ARC is comprised of numerous specialists offering varying  treatment modalities - all with the focus of optimizing our patients treatment plans

Calgary's Leading
 Interdisciplinary MVC Clinic 

As Calgary's only multidisciplinary motor vehicle collision clinic, ARC offers a comprehensive, united approach to MVC related injuries 

Focus on Your Treatment

With a fully multifaceted team on staff, you get to focus on what matters most - your treatment

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