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One Goal

With Calgary's growing demands on our health care system, there are critical delays in accessing treatment for MVC related injuries. Often patients become lost in the shuffle, lack primary care physicians, and are delayed in their recovery.

  • At ARC we ensure that people who are injured in motor vehicle collisions receive fast and effective treatment to support their recovery.

Important changes have been made to Alberta's Insurance Act Regulations (October 1, 2004), and as part of these changes, new protocols have been established for the diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries associated with motor vehicle collisions.

  • At ARC we ensure an early diagnosis and treatment are provided, which is known to speed up recovery and help individuals return to work and their normal activities of life.

We believe by maximizing patient therapy with a variety of treatment methods exclusively tailored to their needs, patient healing is accelerated thus reducing the number of "actual" visits required.

  • At ARC, we ensure no delay in receiving treatment on a consistent and regular basis in one conveniently accessed location.

Depending on the injury classification and use of protocol treatment coverage, health care practitioners do not have to seek approval of the insurer for payment for treatment of these injuries, however they will notify the insurer of the claim.

  • At ARC, a large part of handling your claim is assisted by our administrative staff at no additional cost to you. Our Primary health care practitioners are able to bill the auto insurer directly.

If on-going care is required and Section B benefits or Extended Health Care benefits have or have not been exhausted, or if patients are unable to afford on-going treatment, we can help.

  • At ARC, we can provide treatment on an Assignment of Proceeds. An Assignment of Proceeds is an agreement between the Accident Rehabilitation Centre, you as the patient, and your lawyer for costs incurred for the treatments that are not covered by your insurer. These funds are then factored into your claim, in which your lawyer will then take to the Party at Fault's (POF) insurance company for reimbursement at the time of settlement.

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