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Elk Herd Grazing

Manage back pain

Manual Therapy

TMJ Treatment

Whiplash Therapy


In-house Physician

MVC injurie Specialist

Trigger point, Cortisone and Botox injections

Migraine & Concussion Injection protocol

Physio & Massage

Manual Therapy

Gunn IMS

Active Treatment Plans

Physical Rehabilitation

Deep Tissue Massage

Craniosacral Therapy

Independent Medical Examination

Dr. Vant is an AMA Certified Independent Medical Examiner (C.I.M.E.), and member of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners, with 20 years experience in MVC injury

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One Clinic. One Goal. One Location

MVC Specialists

ARC is comprised of numerous specialists offering varying  treatment modalities - all with the focus of optimizing our patients treatment plans

Calgary's Leading
 Interdisciplinary MVC Clinic 

As Calgary's leading multidisciplinary motor vehicle collision clinic, ARC offers a comprehensive, united approach to MVC related injuries 

Focus on Your Treatment

With a fully multifaceted team on staff, you get to focus on what matters most - your treatment

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